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5 Best Kitchen Splashback Tiles Ideas To Swoon Over In 2024

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Discover how to enhance the feel of your kitchen with our curated selection of Scandinavian kitchen splashback tiles ideas. From the timeless elegance of classic white subway tiles to the contemporary charm of hexagonal tiles, find the perfect backdrop for your culinary space.

Key Takeaways

Metro TilesAdds a contemporary look with easy maintenance
Ceramic TilesDurable and offers a wide range of colors and patterns
Natural StoneBrings warmth and a unique natural material touch
Hexagonal TilesCreates visual interest with different patterns
Glass SplashbackOffers a modern look and easy cleaning
Best Kitchen Splashback Tiles Ideas

Enhancing Your Kitchen Design with Tiles

The kitchen design landscape has evolved, with kitchen splashback tiles becoming a focal point. The right choice can transform your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary, providing both functionality and style. Whether you’re aiming for a neutral kitchen or a white kitchen, the key is selecting tiles that complement the overall theme.

1. The Timeless Appeal of Metro and Classic Subway Tiles

Metro and classic subway tiles have stood the test of time, becoming a staple in kitchen designs for their sleek and versatile appearance. These tiles offer a great way to introduce a classic look into your kitchen space, whether you’re aiming for a traditional white kitchen or seeking to create a modern look with dark grout.

The reflective glossy finish of white tiles can make a small area appear larger by maximizing natural light, while the use of black grout can add a contemporary look to a neutral kitchen. Laying these tiles in an intricate patchwork design or a herringbone pattern is an excellent choice for adding visual interest and extra dimension to your kitchen walls.

2. The Warmth and Elegance of Natural Stone and Porcelain Tiles

The warmth and elegance that natural stone and porcelain tiles contribute to kitchen designs are unparalleled, with each material offering its unique benefits. Natural stone, including varieties like marble, granite, and slate, brings an irreplaceable depth of beauty and an organic touch to your kitchen walls.

Its distinctive texture and the rich variation in patterns make it an excellent choice for creating a splashback that is not only a functional element but also a stunning focal point of your kitchen space.

Porcelain tiles extend a different set of advantages, primarily their remarkable durability and the ability to withstand high traffic without showing wear. These tiles can emulate the appearance of natural stone, wood, and even concrete, offering a perfect way to achieve desired aesthetics without the intensive regular maintenance required by more delicate materials.

Moreover, both natural stone and porcelain tiles offer an effective way to integrate natural elements into your kitchen design, enhancing the entire kitchen’s ambiance. The selection of matte or glossy finishes allows for customization according to the interior style, whether aiming for a subtle, more understated look or seeking to make a big impact with a tiled splashback that captures attention.

The timeless appeal of natural stone and the contemporary flexibility of porcelain tiles make them a great choice for those updating their kitchen space. Whether used across an entire wall for a dramatic effect or as a practical splashback behind stainless steel appliances, these materials can dramatically enhance the feel of your kitchen, making it a warm, inviting, and elegant space.

3. Contemporary Chic with Hexagonal and Geometric Tiles

Hexagonal and geometric tiles represent the cutting edge of kitchen splashback designs, offering a contemporary look that can take centre stage in a modern kitchen. These shapes create a big impact in even a small kitchen, providing a pop of colour or a more understated look depending on the chosen colours. 

Geometric splashback tiles, including diamond and chevron tiles, offer endless possibilities for creating different patterns and designs that reflect personal style and design elements. They are an effective way to add visual interest and a little bit of personality to your kitchen space.

4. Innovative Ideas: Glass, Large Format Tiles

Innovative splashback options like glass splashbacks and large format tiles have redefined modern kitchen designs, offering sleek, seamless aesthetics that transform the kitchen space into a contemporary masterpiece. 

Glass splashbacks stand out for their smooth surface and reflective quality, providing an easy way to inject a pop of colour into a neutral kitchen or maintain a more understated look with clear or muted tones. This choice becomes a focal point in the kitchen, creating a bright and airy feel that enhances natural light and offers an illusion of added space.


Large format tiles bring a bold and sophisticated edge to kitchen design, characterized by their minimal grout lines which contribute to a cleaner look and simpler maintenance. Available in a variety of materials, including porcelain and natural stone, these tiles can mimic the appearance of expensive materials without the associated cost or upkeep.

The expansive size of large format tiles allows for an uninterrupted visual flow, making them an excellent choice for covering an entire wall and giving the kitchen space a more expansive feel. Moreover, these innovative options are not just about aesthetics; they offer practical benefits too. 

Glass splashbacks are remarkably easy to clean, requiring nothing more than a wipe down with warm water, making them an effective way to maintain a hygienic kitchen space. Large format tiles also reduce the accumulation of dirt and grime, thanks to fewer grout lines, ensuring a cleaner look for longer periods.

5. Specialized tiles

Specialized tiles like multicolour mosaic tiles, finger mosaic tiles, and vernisse tiles offer an exquisite approach to kitchen design, infusing both color and texture to create visually stunning splashbacks. These tiles are not just decorative elements but transformative design pieces that inject personality and vibrancy into any kitchen space. 

Multicolour mosaic tiles can blend seamlessly with the kitchen’s color scheme or introduce a bold statement, making the backsplash the centre stage of the kitchen. The little bit of color variation and the intricate designs they offer can easily tie together the room’s design elements, from stainless steel appliances to natural materials, crafting a designer space that is both cohesive and striking.

Finger mosaic tiles, with their unique shape and arrangement, add an extra dimension and textural depth to the kitchen walls. Their slim, elongated form can create a sense of movement and flow, offering an effective way to enhance the feel of your kitchen with a contemporary touch.

Vernisse tiles bring a glossy, often handcrafted look to the space, their vernacular finish contributing a touch of elegance and a more understated look that complements both modern and traditional kitchens. They can be used to highlight specific areas of the kitchen or as a unifying backdrop that brings warmth and sophistication.

These specialized tiles are an excellent choice for those looking to make a big impact in a small area, offering an easy way to refresh the entire kitchen without extensive renovations. The right selection of these tiles can illuminate the kitchen, reflecting natural light and making the space feel larger and more inviting.

Whether aiming for a subtle enhancement or a bold transformation, specialized tiles provide a perfect way to achieve a unique kitchen splashback design that is as functional as it is beautiful. By carefully selecting the right tiles, you can create a kitchen splashback that not only protects your kitchen walls but also serves as a stunning design element in your home.

The Perfect Choice for Your Scandinavian Kitchen

Incorporating Scandinavian kitchen cabinets and kitchen wall tiles can create a cohesive and inviting space. The Scandinavian style emphasizes light, neutral colors, and functional accessories, making tile splashbacks a perfect addition to Scandinavian kitchen design.

For those interested in the latest trends and how to seamlessly integrate them into your Scandinavian-inspired kitchen, explore our guide on 2024 Kitchen Trends You Cannot Miss for inspiration and practical advice.


Choosing the right splashback tiles can significantly impact the feel of your kitchen, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetic appeal. From the sleek simplicity of metro tiles to the natural beauty of stone tiles and the innovative designs of hexagonal tiles, there’s a wealth of options to suit every interior style and personal preference. Embrace these ideas to create a kitchen that stands out for its style and practicality.






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