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Scandinavian Feast: The Perfect Thanksgiving Template

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Often admired for its simplicity, minimalism, and functionality, Scandinavian design has elements of elegance and warmth that are perfect for a cozy, stylish Thanksgiving feast. As we delve into the world of Nordic aesthetics, we will discover how the typical Scandinavian colors, materials, and principles of arrangement can characterize a Thanksgiving table setting.

Idea for a beautiful autumn setting for thanksgiving family dinner.

Furthermore, learning about the traditional dishes, regional and seasonal ingredients, and food presentation will help impart that authentic Scandinavian touch to your Thanksgiving menu. Beyond the gustatory, we’ll also explore the unique Scandinavian customs and traditions related to hosting and dining, to truly encompass and incorporate their cultural significance into the heart of the Thanksgiving feast.

Scandinavian Decor Basics

Scandinavian Decor Basics

Scandinavian design is defined by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. To embrace these elements in table settings, prioritize a clean and uncluttered look with focus on functionality. Neutral colors such as whites and grays, natural materials like wood and glass, and an unassuming approach to arrangement are the mainstays of Scandinavian design. Forgo unnecessary frills and go for uncomplicated, sleek table decor.

Creating a Scandinavian Inspired Thanksgiving Table

To set a Scandinavian-inspired Thanksgiving table, start with a neutral base. Choose a simple, preferably white tablecloth, or bare wood if your table has a beautiful surface. Build your setting on top of this minimalist canvas. Opt for sleek, clean-lined plates and flatware in shades of white, grey, or soft greens and blues to follow the Scandinavian tradition and echo the regional autumn colors.

Dinner table decorated for cozy fall holiday gathering

Scandinavian Color Palette and Materials

Scandinavian design favors a muted color palette. Stick to whites, grays, and muted pastels for your dishes, napkins, and tablecloth. A pop of autumnal color like pumpkin orange or cranberry red can be added through small accessories or centerpieces for a festive touch.

Materials-wise, the closer to nature, the better. Incorporate natural elements like wood, ceramic, glass, and wool into your table. For instance, wooden chargers, ceramic plates, glass drinkware, and woolly seat covers. This will add an earthy touch to your setting.

Arranging the Scandinavian Thanksgiving Table

Layout is key in Scandinavian design. With the principle of functionality forefront, each item’s placement should contribute to a smooth dining experience. All necessary implements like flatware, glasses, and dishes should be within easy reach of each diner.

Thanksgiving table setting with autumn leaves, Holidays background concept. Top view.

Stick to minimalistic centerpieces. Use pine boughs, candles, or simple ceramic vases with autumn flowers or leaves. Remember, the aim is to create a cozy yet uncluttered setting.

Nordic Finishing Touches

To complete your Scandinavian Thanksgiving table, consider adding warm, cozy elements. Add soft throws on the dining chairs or a woven table runner. Use plenty of candles, preferably unscented to not distract from your holiday food aromas. Candlelight creates a cozy atmosphere – a practice called “hygge” in Danish culture.

Lastly, try to arrange seating in a way that promotes conversation and togetherness, a feature highly valued in Nordic countries. The idea is to encourage interaction and camaraderie at your Thanksgiving table.

Remember, the Scandinavian style is all about simplicity and functionality. It’s about creating a calming, practical, and beautiful space that brings people together. Keep this in mind as you set your Scandinavian inspired Thanksgiving table.

A serene-looking Scandinavian table setup with minimalist decor and natural elements.

Traditional Scandinavian Dishes for Thanksgiving

Roasted Duck or Goose

In Scandinavia, especially in Denmark, roasted duck or goose is a traditional holiday dish that replaces the typical American turkey. The bird is typically stuffed with a mixture of apples and prunes, and is often served with potatoes baked in sugar and butter as well as red cabbage simmered with vinegar and red currant juice.

Swedish Meatballs

Swedish meatballs, or “köttbullar,” are a beloved Nordic dish. They’re small, savory, and perfect for feeding a crowd at your Thanksgiving feast. Serve them with a traditional creamy gravy, lingonberry sauce, and perhaps some gently pickled cucumber for an authentic touch.

Jansson’s Temptation

Jansson’s Temptation, or “Janssons Frestelse,” is a creamy and indulgent Swedish casserole. This dish consists of potatoes, onions, pickled sprats, and cream, providing a warming, hearty element to your Thanksgiving menu.


Gravlax, a Scandinavian dish where salmon is cured using salt, sugar, and dill, is a delightful addition to the Thanksgiving feast. This dill-cured salmon is often served with mustard sauce on rye bread or knäckebröd, but can easily be adapted for a more Americanized Thanksgiving by serving it as an appetizer with simple crackers.

Lingonberry Sauce

Similar to cranberry sauce in an American Thanksgiving, lingonberry sauce provides a tart, fruity respite amongst the savory dishes. This Scandinavian staple is made from lingonberries, sugar, and water, and pairs well with everything from meatballs to roasted duck.

Rye Bread

Scandinavian meals are often accompanied by hearty, dark rye bread. Rye bread is a staple in Scandinavian homes, and has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor that is perfect for soaking up gravies and sauces.

Traditional Scandinavian design focuses on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality – principles that you could also apply to your Thanksgiving table setting. Stick to neutral colors for your table cloth and napkins – think white, beige, and muted greys, blues, and greens. Scandinavian style also favors natural materials, so consider wooden plates, cutlery with wooden handles, and glass.

Candles are a must in a Scandinavian table setting, preferably unscented. They provide a cozy, warm light referred to as ‘hygge’ in Danish, a concept that encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being. You could also choose to add natural elements like pine cones, branches, or moss to your centerpiece.

For the tableware, simplicity is key. Choose simple, clean shapes and neutral colors. Traditional Nordic patterns can be added in details, such as napkins or tablecloth.

Finally, make sure that the food presentation is clear and simplistic, allowing the quality of the dishes to shine. Nordic cuisine tends to favor rustic and simple plating, focusing more on the ingredients themselves rather than intricate presentations.

Thanksgiving Etiquette in Scandinavian Style

The Definition of a Scandinavia Feast

A Scandinavian feast or smorgasbord is a celebration of simplicity, cleanliness, and a connection to nature. It’s about creating an inviting atmosphere with less pomp and show, and more warmth and intimacy. Usual practices include using natural elements like pinecones and evergreens to decorate the table, minimalistic cutlery, and serving traditional Nordic dishes.

Decoration and Table Settings

Scandinavians believe in “lagom” or balance, meaning not too much, not too little, but just right. To achieve this, try to balance your use of festive and natural elements. Use fresh greenery such as pine branches, eucalyptus, or holly to create a centerpiece. Candles are essential to a Scandinavian table, as they bring warmth and a cozy atmosphere. Choose simple, neutral colored tablecloths and napkins.

The Importance of Sustainability

Incorporate sustainability into your Thanksgiving by choosing locally sourced and seasonal foods. Scandinavians are very proud of their locally produced food, and a true Scandinavian feast should reflect this. Opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables for your dishes. In line with this, you can use reusable or compostable dishware to minimize waste.

family standing around festive dinner table

Cultural Significance of the Feast

In keeping with the Scandinavian principles of togetherness and equality, family members and guests usually contribute to the feast by bringing a dish, drink, or dessert. This communal act not only reduces the workload of the host, but also fosters a sense of bonding and sharing.

Serving of the Meal

According to tradition, the host serves the food, beginning with cold dishes, moving to warm dishes, and ending with desserts. This enables everyone to enjoy the meal together without having to get up to serve themselves. It’s customary to clear each dish from the table before bringing out the next to keep the table neat and manageable.

Thanksgiving Toast

The essence of the feast is captured in “skål”, a traditional toast that signifies cheers, good health, and camaraderie. The host should initiate the first skål of the evening once everyone’s glasses are filled. Eye contact during the toast is important as it signifies respect and trust among guests.

By incorporating these distinctive Scandinavian customs into your Thanksgiving feast, you can create a unique and memorable celebration that respects both cultures’ traditions.

A table set for a Scandianavia feast with natural decorations and minimalistic cutlery

From understated and chic table settings to scrumptious regional dishes that tantalize the palate, Scandinavian tradition imparts a unique flair to the Thanksgiving feast. Remember, the essence of Scandinavian design lies in creating warmth and comfort through simplicity and minimalism. Subtle hues, natural materials, and functional arrangement embody this ethos on your festive table.

Embracing comforting, seasonal dishes brings in traditional food culture. And cherishing their unique dining customs and ethos in our Thanksgiving experience, we move beyond mere celebration, making our feast an authentic, enriching cultural experience. By understanding and integrating these elements, you can craft a Thanksgiving meal that is not just a feast, but a charming, heartwarming Scandinavian soiree.






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