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Scandinavian Christmas Decorations: A Festive Guide

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Immerse yourself in the world of Scandinavian Christmas decorations, a tradition steeped in history and rich with cultural significance. This unique aesthetic, which has evolved over centuries, encompasses not only the visual appeal of each decoration, but also carries symbolic and spiritual meanings. From the traditional Christmas tree ornaments to table settings and outdoor decorations, Scandinavian Christmas adornments perfectly capture the spirit of the season. Whether you wish to purchase genuine pieces or explore your crafting skills by making your own, this guide will navigate you through the diverse types of Scandinavian Christmas decorations, their significance, crafting process, and integration into various home styles.

History and Significance of Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Origins of Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Scandinavian Christmas decorations have a rich and unique history. Their genesis can be traced back to the pre-Christian era, reflecting the region’s ancient beliefs and customs. Due to the harsh and long winters of the region, it was a tradition for Scandinavians to bring various elements of nature into their homes as a symbol of life’s sustainability and merging spirit.

For instance, evergreen trees were brought indoor, adorned with simple decorations like straw ornaments and candles, symbolizing the hope for spring and the return of light. Similarly, straw goat figures, known as the Yule Goat, descended from the Norse god Thor’s goats, signifying good fortune. It was essentially an offering to the gods to ensure a successful harvest in the upcoming year.

Evolution of Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Over centuries, Scandinavians converted to Christianity, blending their ancestral customs with Christian symbols. Consequently, the Christmas decorations also began to imbibe Christian influences.

Evergreen trees, for instance, started embodying the eternal life Christ offers believers. Additionally, newer elements like hearts became a prevalent feature in Christmas decorations, symbolizing the love and generosity of the season. Many other elements like stars and angels, inspired by Christian iconography, were incorporated.

Despite these changes, the decorations’ essence remained closely tied to nature, reflecting the region’s fundamental ethos. As such, decorations using naturally available materials like straw, wood, wool, and glass enjoyed popularity.

Scandinavian Christmas Decorations Today

In contemporary times, Scandinavian Christmas decorations are highly valued for their appealing aesthetics, historic roots, and the simplicity they represent. They have gained global recognition and are considered a quintessential part of creating a “hygge” holiday ambiance—a concept intrinsic to Scandinavian culture involving a sense of coziness, contentment, and well-being.

Handmade ornaments continue to be popular, signifying the importance of craftsmanship and tradition. The tradition of using straw, for instance, continues in current Christmas decorations, used for crafting stars, angels, and the iconic Yule Goat, preserving a link to the Scandinavian ancestor’s pagan roots.

Understanding Scandinavian Christmas Decorations: Symbols and Meanings

Scandinavian Christmas decorations often carry deep symbolic and spiritual meanings. The prevalent use of evergreen trees and candles, for instance, signify enduring life and the victory of light over darkness. These decoration elements hold significance in both pagan and Christian traditions.

Straw decorations are particularly cherished in Scandinavian holiday practices, as they trace back to the region’s beliefs in ancestor worship and pagan gods. In the modern context, these straw creations symbolize hope, prosperity, and luck, whilst paying homage to Scandinavia’s agricultural heritage.

Central to all Scandinavian decorations is the concept of “hygge,” an unforgettable part of their culture. This term encapsulates their love for home, family, and nature. More than mere décor, Scandinavian Christmas decorations serve as a warm invitation to enjoy simple pleasures, fostering a hospitable and celebratory atmosphere during the holiday season.

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Types of Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

The Charm of Scandinavian Christmas Tree Ornaments

A notable part of Scandinavian Christmas décor is their overabundance of Christmas tree ornaments. These pieces perfectly encapsulate the minimalist and earthy aesthetic characteristic of Scandinavian design. Crafted using natural elements like wood, glass, felt, and porcelain, they often take on straightforward geometric shapes including spheres, stars, hearts, and angels. The color scheme usually hinges on white, red, and hues of natural woods, with flashes of silver or gold for that festive spark. Beyond form and color, many ornaments boast traditional Nordic motifs or iconic Scandinavian Christmas symbols like reindeer, Christmas trees, elves, and the julbock or Yule goat.

Scandinavian Door Hangings

Scandinavian door hangings are an inviting Christmas decoration that are used to welcome guests during the festive season. They are commonly made from evergreen branches, berries, and other materials mimic nature. The color palettes often used are white, red, and green with the occasional addition of small Christmas lights. Some door hangings also include tiny gnomes known as Tomte or Nisse, traditional Scandinavian folklore characters that are associated with the Christmas season.

Scandinavian Table Settings

Scandinavian table settings for Christmas are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, honoring the ‘less is more’ philosophy. Traditional materials like wood, ceramic, and linen are often used, serving both practical and decorative purposes. Table settings typically consist of white tablecloths, simple ceramic plates, naked wood table accessories, and linen napkins. These minimalist setups are often accented by elements like pine branches, candles, and standalone Christmas symbols. Christmas centerpieces often include advent candles, which are lit consecutively on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas.

Scandinavian Outdoor Yuletide Embellishments

A quintessential part of Christmas in Scandinavia involves outdoor decorations that counteract the long hours of darkness during Scandinavian winters. String lights, lanterns, and wreaths are frequently featured, casting a cozy glow around homes and neighborhoods. These decorations prominently showcase elements of nature such as wood, pine branches and cones, berries, and moss. The color palette typically embraces white, red, and natural green hues complemented by twinkling lights to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Traditional symbols, such as the Tomte or Nisse, Yule goat, and Dala horse often adorn outdoor Christmas displays, bringing an extra touch of the region’s culture and mythology.

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Do-It-Yourself Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Characteristics of Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

The aesthetic appeal of Scandinavian Christmas decorations lies strongly in their simplicity and understated elegance, mirroring the region’s awe-inspiring natural beauty. Nordic embellishments often center around do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that draw inspiration from minimalist design principles, functional utilities, and bountiful use of natural materials. This manner of decoration allows for the creation of homey, charming Christmas settings that highlight the longevity and beauty of Scandinavian traditions.

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments

For a traditional Scandinavian-style Christmas ornament, you will need some clear glass ornaments, white feathers, and narrow white ribbon. Start by carefully removing the cap from each ornament and inserting a fluffy white feather into it. Secure the cap and tie a length of white ribbon around it for hanging. You can either leave the ornaments as is for a pure, simple look or decorate them with fine glitter or a delicate paint design.

DIY Scandinavian-Inspired Advent Calendar

Create your own stylish Scandinavian advent calendar with muslin drawstring bags, number stamps and stamp pads, twine, and small branches. Start by stamping numbers 1 through 24 on the bags. Fill the bags with small treats or gifts and secure them closed with the drawstring. Attach the bags in order to the branches using the twine, and hang your advent calendar in a prominent place.

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Garland

For the garland, you will need white and red felt, twine, and a hot-glue gun. Cut the felt into small circles or squares and other simple shapes. Glue the pieces together in a pattern, each one slightly overlapping the next. Attach the felt shapes to a length of twine and hang your garland on a mantel or above a window.

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, try a minimalist Scandinavian-inspired ‘tree.’ You will need large and small wooden dowels, twine, a hot-glue gun, and small ornaments. Cut the dowels into pieces of varying lengths. Arrange the pieces into a triangle shape to form a tree silhouette, gluing each end of the dowel to the next dowel with the hot-glue gun. Once dry, attach twine to the top of the tree for hanging. Decorate your tree silhouette with ornaments of your choice.

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Wreath

A wreath is an essential part of Christmas décor. For a minimalist Scandinavian wreath, you would need a metal ring, eucalyptus stems, twine, and wire cutters. Attach the eucalyptus stems to the metal ring using the twine, layering as you go until the ring is mostly covered. Add a long piece of twine at the top for hanging.

If you’re interested in capturing the essence of a Scandinavian Christmas through your holiday decorations, follow a few strategic steps and tips. The key is to strive for simplicity and the use of natural materials wherever possible. Scandinavian design is characterized by variations of white, interspersed with accents of natural colors, such as silver, gold, and green. Emphasize functionality, as many Scandinavian pieces can be used in multiple ways. For instance, a table centerpiece can also serve as a candle holder or a wall hanging that doubles as a delightful festive window display. Illumination is key to enhancing a cozy atmosphere, so opt for soft, warm lighting that complements the calm and tranquil ambiance of a Scandinavian Christmas.

Scandinavian Christmas decorations - simple and elegant decorations inspired by the beauty of Scandinavia, with white feathers, natural materials, and minimalist designs.

Shopping Guide for Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Delving into Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Derived from the Nordic regions of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Norway, the aesthetic of Scandinavian Christmas decorations has captured the global attention with its sublime minimalism and elegance. These decorations are celebrated for their simple yet charming beauty and unique color schemes. Typical color palettes revolve around shades of white, silver, red, and natural wood, often offset with accents of evergreen and the soft glow of candlelight. This meticulous combination creates a charming fusion, providing a warm and cozy setting that perfectly captures the spirit of a Scandinavian Christmas.


Scandinavian decorations are readily available both online and in physical stores. Online platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and Nordic Nest offer a wide variety of Scandinavian Christmas decorations. They provide easy-browsing experiences with user reviews that can guide you in picking the best pieces. As for physical locations, IKEA stands out as the biggest multinational group known for its Scandinavian line of furniture and decorations, it also offers accessible and affordable Christmas decorations during the holiday season.

Identifying Quality Decorations

Identifying quality Scandinavian Christmas decorations involves looking into the material, craftsmanship, and authenticity of the items. The decorations are typically made from natural materials like wood, wool, or metal. When shopping, pay attention to the quality of materials used and the craftsmanship involved. Look for decorations made from sustainable or recycled materials, which aligns with the Scandinavian design philosophy of functionality and sustainability.


Scandinavian Christmas decorations can vary widely in price depending on the size of the decoration, materials used, and the uniqueness of the design. Small ornaments can range in price from $5 to $30, while larger decorative items like a Christmas tree stand or advent candle holder can range from $50 to upwards of $200.

Retailers and Brands

There are a number of retailers and brands that stand out in the marketplace for their selection and quality of Scandinavian Christmas decorations. Nordic Nest, H&M Home, and Finnish Design Shop are three online retailers that offer a blend of traditional and modern Scandinavian designs. IKEA remains a popular choice for more affordable options. For a more boutique shopping experience, consider brands like Svenskt Tenn, Marimekko, and Iittala. These brands may be more expensive, but they rightly assure the authenticity and quality of the products.

Traditional Symbols

When shopping, you might also come across the term “Jul” or “Jol,” the Scandinavian name for Christmas. Traditional symbols used in Scandinavian Christmas decorations include the Tomte or Nisse (small humanoid mythical creatures), the Yule Goat, and the iconic Dala Horse. Incorporating these traditional symbols into your holiday decor can add a touch of Scandinavian authenticity to your space.

Embracing Minimalism

The overarching theme of Scandinavian design, minimalism, is the first thing to remember while adorning your interior with their holiday decorations. The magic lies in picking a handful of well-made items as central points, rather than strewing about a sea of smaller accessories. By doing this you create a setting that encapsulates ‘hygge’ – a warm, cozy, and simple Scandinavian holiday ambiance – as you avoid clutter.

Scandinavian Christmas decorations featuring minimalistic designs and natural color palettes.

Incorporating Scandinavian Christmas Decorations into Different Home Styles

A Snapshot of Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Rooted in Nordic culture, Scandinavian Christmas decorations are characterized by their simplicity, functionality, love for nature, and sleek design. Naturally, their holiday decor includes elements like candles, stars, hearts, angels, and forest-themed adornments like woodland creatures and coniferous trees. You’ll also see Scandinavian gnomes, and a traditional red and white color palette. The materials used are sustainable, such as wood, paper, wool, and straw, showcasing the region’s appreciation for craft-based artistry that’s both sustainable and simple.

Incorporating Scandinavian Christmas Decorations into Traditional Interiors

In traditional home settings, Scandinavian Christmas decorations can inject a sense of warmth, nostalgia, and coziness. For instance, a tabletop or mantel can be accented with red and white candles in brass candlesticks, a common symbol of festive warmth in Nordic culture. Handcrafted wooden ornaments, from angels to heart-shaped wreaths, can be hung around the house or on the Christmas tree, while doorways and windowsills can be adorned with evergreen garlands or decorative Scandinavian stars.

Scandinavian Decorations in Modern Home Styles

Scandinavian Christmas decorations may appear inherently rustic, but they can seamlessly blend with modern aesthetics too. The simplistic designs and minimal color palettes of these decorations fit perfectly into a modern home’s objective simplicity. For a chic yet festive look, consider white or silver metallic decorations, such as star-shaped ornaments or minimalist Christmas tree decorations. A modern take on the traditional Scandinavian Christmas gnome, with its sleek design and muted color palette, can also serve as a charming highlight.

Fusing Rustic Vibes with Scandinavian Christmas Decor

For rustic home styles, Scandinavian Christmas decorations can enhance the countryside, down-to-earth charm. Accents like straw ornaments, wooden Christmas stars, handmade straw goats, and heart-crafted tree decorations can highlight the rustic ambiance. Additionally, traditional Scandinavian Christmas linens with beautiful embroidery and patterns can add texture and layered richness to the decor. Felt or wool gnome figures, another Scandi favorite, typically rustic in their materials, can effortlessly blend with a rustic setup.

Complementing Minimalist Interiors with Scandinavian Decor

Minimalist interior styles emphasize functionality, simplicity, and clean lines, similar to the Scandinavian design philosophy’s core principles. Therefore, Scandinavian Christmas decorations can amplify the minimalist aesthetic. A mere Christmas tree with white lights, wooden geometric ornaments, or hand-folded paper hearts can hold its minimalist charm. Also, minimalists may appreciate the functionality of practical decorations, like woolen stockings and holiday-themed tea towels.

Multifunctional Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

For those who seek versatility, many Scandinavian Christmas decorations serve multiple purposes. Wood pellet baskets can work as simplistic decor and storage units. Ornamental lanterns may serve as a centerpiece, a window display, or an ambient light source. Similarly, wooden candle holders, apart from being a charming reminder of traditional Scandinavian Yuletide celebrations, can serve as a striking decor element and a provider of ambient lighting.

The versatility of Scandinavian Christmas decorations allows them to be effortlessly incorporated into a wide variety of home styles, enhancing the holiday atmosphere while retaining the interior design’s authentic essence. By embracing the Scandinavian tradition, homeowners can create a festive space that exudes simplicity, warmth, and natural beauty.

Variety of Scandinavian Christmas decorations showcasing simplicity, natural materials, and minimalist designs.

Through understanding the history, significance, types, and crafting processes of Scandinavian Christmas decorations, you will appreciate why they have captured hearts far beyond their Nordic origins. It doesn’t matter whether you’re decking out a traditional or modern home, or something in between, this unique aesthetic has a wide range to suit your preferences. The versatility of these decorations is what makes them endearing to so many – they can stand alone or blend seamlessly with other decor. This primary hallmark of Scandinavian Christmas decorations is their ability to create a warm, welcoming environment – enhancing the festive spirit in any setting. Discover the charm of these decorations, either by shopping for authentic pieces or crafting your own, and invite the Scandinavian style into your home this holiday season.






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